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The first batch of fresh mushroom from the base will go public in October

Currently, the project in mushroom production base of Longquan town, Shandong Province has been formally put into operation, in the middle ten days of October, the fist batch of fresh mushroom will go on sale in China.

It is understood that Longquan Mushroom Base is the local investment promotion project, owns the investment of 20 million CNY, occupies a barren hills area of 150mu, holds the steel structure processing workshops covering the area of 1600 square meters and other lab, inoculation room, cultivation room, greenhouse, air-conditioning fruiting room. The base also collaborates with relevant research institute, mainly researches, develops and produces edible mushrooms such as Black fungus, Oyster mushroom, Enoki mushroom and other rare mushrooms including Monkey head mushroom and Agaricus Blazei, which all come to 1000 tons.

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